Herbalism and its benefits

Herbalism and Sleep

For generations our ancestors have known the powerful effect that certain types of herbs and flowers can have on the human body and mind. In our modern world, we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy the benefits of both worlds – conventional medicine that can treat us when we are sick and nature’s …

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better night sleep

Your Mind and Sleep

Sometimes, when we’re trying to get to sleep our minds are our own worst enemies. You know what it’s like, as soon as your head hits the pillow, thoughts and worries flood in, maybe you start reliving a conversation with your children or you start planning your tasks for tomorrow. In recent months, worries about …

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Aromatherapy for sleep

Aromatherapy and Sleep

Have you noticed how certain aromas evoke powerful memories or generate particular feelings or emotions? That’s because smells travel directly to the brain’s limbic system where memories and emotions are controlled. A lifeline for mums Aromatherapy uses oils extracted from certain plants and flowers (essential oils) as the basis for healing and health promotion. It …

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