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Time2Sleep specialises in sleeping solutions and offers a range of sleeping aid products that help people around the world get a better night’s sleep, every night.

Our Fantastic Products Have You In Mind

We provide a range of sleeping aid solutions with an emphasis on quality, style and value for You.

Time2Sleep Ear Plugs:

Our unique Silicone Ear Plugs are engineered to effectively block out considerable noise pollution. Not only can these silicone earplugs mute environmental noise such as trains, planes and automobiles, but they can even eliminate sleep disturbances closer to home – such as the sound of your partner’s snoring!

Manufactured using premier quality silicone gel, our earplugs are highly malleable, and will conform easily to the unique shape of your ear canal and goes over your ear canal and not inside.

Time2Sleep Gel Eye Mask:

Our multi-functional stylish Gel Eye Mask will help you tackle:

  • Mid-Day Sleep Deprivation

You can skip that double espresso. Ten minutes under an ice-cold mask will wake you right up!

  • Headaches And Migraines

When stress, tension or pain build up around the eye or extend to the eye sockets, the cooling sensation can provide significant fast-acting relief.

  • Rough Mornings, Long Days And Late Nights

Nobody needs to know!

Gel eye masks deliver an extra dose of intensive moisture that soothe and tighten those puffy, tired eyes. Look fresh and feisty for a brand new day.

  • Congested Sinuses

Both acute and chronic sinusitis may be caused by the common cold, infection, or allergies. Heat can melt away pain in minutes. A warm mask applied to your eyes, nose and cheeks can soothe your sinuses and alleviate pain and nasal congestion.


Time2Sleep Dental Mouth Guard:

A truly customisable mouth guard that helps with Bruxism and TMJ Syndrome. Appropriate for both upper and lower teeth and suitable for anyone over 12 years old



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  • We regularly share guidance and ideas that will help you catch those zzz’s

    We share  advice on how to help adults, children, toddlers and babies sleep more soundly by creating the right environment for welcoming rest and maximising sleep.

    Tip of the day:

    Did you know that bananas are packed with magnesium, which is a natural muscle relaxant?

    The magnesium in a banana also helps lower your brain temperature and helps regulate your hormones.

    Meaning eating a banana at night can help set you up for a great night’s sleep.

    Banana-infused sleep tonic: The outer skin of the banana actually has 3 times the amount of magnesium than the fruit itself. Maximise the goodness, wash the banana skin thoroughly, slice a piece and place in boiling water to create an effective banana-infused sleep remedy.  This tea takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and can be enjoyed every night before bed for a better nights sleep.


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