What is The Best Memory Foam Pillow for Neck Pain?

Are you one of the 10% of the adult population who suffers from neck pain?

Are you one of the 50% of people over 50 who experiences a stiff neck and all of the problems that it entails?

If you said yes to either of the questions above, it’s time to change the way you sleep, starting with an ergonomically designed memory foam pillow. Sleep experts from around the world agree that a memory foam pillow can revolutionise not only how well you sleep, but how comfortable you feel when you wake up.

So, to prevent frustrating neck pain, and the back pain that this often leads to, we are going to answer one important question…


What is the best memory foam pillow for neck pain?

The first thing to consider when looking for a memory foam pillow is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ and that one manufacturer’s pillow will be different from the next. Time2Sleep’s pillow experts have studied the various pillow and came to several conclusions:

  • People who suffer from neck pain generally sleep on their front
  • Curved edges are required to avoid painful and damaging positions
  • Memory foam pillows must help you breathe better in your sleep
  • Your head and neck must be cradled
  • The memory foam must be hypoallergenic and feature antibacterial qualities
  • 6.5 cm is the optimal thickness for the best memory foam pillow product
  • The best memory foam pillows feature polyurethane foam with gel particles that regulate the temperature of the pillow, keeping it cool instead of trapping heat
  • The material of the pillow must be machine washable for hygiene reasons
  • The pillow should be king-sized to allow for full stretching and movement

Putting together all of these conclusions, the Time2Sleep experts have created one comprehensive solution. We are pleased to show you the best memory foam pillow that money can buy.

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