What Are Some Healthy Sleeping Positions For Sound Sleep?

In theory, there aren’t that many sleeping positions, to begin with. You’ve got the left side, the right side, the stomach, the back, the foetal position, and sitting upright. From that limited list, there are actually only two positions that we deem to be healthy.

Left side yes, right side no

Can there really be much different between sleeping on the left and the right? As it turns out, yes! Sleeping on the right can cause or worsen all of the following problems because of the way in which organs sit and hang on each side:

  • Heartburn
  • Circulation issues
  • Lympathic problems
  • Heart problems
  • Indigestion

Sleeping on the left is a much healthier option, but don’t stop there. If you can train yourself to sleep on the left, then you can train yourself to sleep with a pillow between your legs. By putting a pillow there, your right leg will be raised, helping to align your spine with your hips and pelvis. If you have a third pillow, you can try hugging it for even further benefits. 

On your back, with a knee support

We advise against sleeping on your front for several reasons, but the main ones are that it flattens the natural curve of the spine which can lead to long-term health issues and that it creates a twist in the neck that can cause discomfort. Sleeping on your back allows you to maintain your natural spinal curve, evenly distribute your weight, and keep everything aligned.

To make this position even more beneficial for you and your spine, put a thin pillow under your knees. This small tweak to your sleeping style will help you avoid long term back and leg problems that can pop up from improper sleep positions.


Good luck, and sleep well!

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