Top Tips For A Deeper Sleep


Eat Well, Sleep Well

Conquering insomnia is a matter for the kitchen as well as the bedroom. Steer clear of heavy meals and greasy or fatty foods in the evening as processing these food requires energy, and your body should on the wind down and busy sleeping not digesting.

Curb The Caffeine

Caffeine can stay in your system for up to 7 hours, so if you have trouble sleeping, don’t drink it past noon.

Switch Off Screens

Light releasing devices stimulate and engage the mind and so trigger the opposite of what you want to be doing right before bedtime. Switch of those screens including smart-phones, iPads, laptops and TVs—they all need to be completely switched off (airplane mode is best) if you want to get a good night’s sleep.

Gently Unwind Your Body & Mind

Meditating before bed can look different for individuals depending on their preferences.

Physical relaxation will lead to eventual sleep. These techniques work best when done right before bed, in a quiet, calming environment.

*Abdominal Breathing

Lie in a dimly lit room, close your eyes, and focus on every out breath. You may wish to play soothing music in the background.

*Mindful Meditation

Focus on an issue in your life, visualize it and the factors that contribute to it - then let it all go. See it dissipate and dissolve. The major learning experience here is letting go.

*Guided Imagery

Some people imagine a serene scene to help them unwind. Close your eyes, and let you imagination take you somewhere calming and soothing to you. Pick a place that feels safe and invite any or all of your senses to explore it.

*Counting Down

Imagine yourself walking down a gentle hill while counting down from 20, each number indicating a lower footstep. Exhale with each imaginary step.

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