Top Benefits of Memory Foam Pillows

Whilst our Time2Sleep experts would present the idea that the number of benefits of memory foam pillows would go into the dozens, we’ve decided to highlight the top benefits for you. We hope that this will influence you positively so that you can revolutionise the way you sleep.

Benefit one: Pressure points

The careful design of memory foam pillows allows them to follow the shape of the body, meaning that they give extra support to your neck and head. The reforming qualities of memory foam are intentional, as they reform in the places where they are not pressured, so that they give more support.

Benefit two: Sleep Apnea

If you are someone who unfortunately suffers from sleep apnea, a memory foam pillow will be a real help for your sleep performance. The improved alignment of your body, spine, neck, and airways, will allow for easier breathing, and the comfort increase will reduce tossing and turning in the night.

Benefit three: Durability

Typical old pillows never hold their shape, but memory foam pillows do, and that’s why we comfortably offer a 5-year guarantee! These innovative pillows don’t go flat or lumpy, instead, they continually reform to support your head and neck. When the pillow cools down, it goes back to its normal shape.

Benefit four: Hygiene

The synthetic materials used in a memory foam pillow are hygienic, antibacterial, hypoallergic, and safe to wash. They don’t allow for dust mites or bacterial growth, and you can also wash them repeatedly.

Benefit five: Align the spine

Did you know that poor spinal alignment can be to blame for a whole host of bodily problems, with back pain, neck pain, and headaches right at the top of the top. Memory foam pillows naturally support your spinal alignment, allowing for numerous preventative health benefits. As your body hits the pillow and warms up, it reforms and reshapes to suit your body.

Are you ready to find out for yourself?

Sleep well with these memory foam pillows.

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