Side sleeper and Suffering from neck pain? Here's how to fix it

The room is cool, no electronics around, you’ve cut out the blue light out of your system for about two hours now and it’s time to sleep like a baby. You’re on your side, ready to get those well deserved zzz’s, when all of a sudden, your neck starts giving you a hard time.

It’s a known fact that neck pain is a problem for side sleepers, but that doesn’t mean that you now should switch your sleep position. The problem doesn’t come from the fact that you’re side sleeping, but because you don’t do it properly!

As I said earlier, side-sleeping is not a problem. In fact, side-sleeping can be extremely beneficial for you! You will clearly feel the effects head-on, as the supporting of the spinal area in this type of position is tremendous. Also, sleeping on your side can cure some symptoms of sleep apnea and ease snoring.

But you may wonder: “Which side is best to sleep on, left or right?”. Well, we have a clear winner right here. Left side, ladies and gentlemen, is our champion. Sleeping on your left side reduces the risk of heartburn, acid reflux and improves digestion.

Ok, so side-sleeping is good, but why does my neck or shoulder trouble me after sleeping in that position? Most of the times, the big problems are represented by your mattress and your pillow (or your lack of pillows). Get yourself a mattress that can support your neck and your waits. Aligning your spine and having a well-balanced posture during the nighttime can clearly improve on your health and restore your spine’s natural alignment!

But enough about mattresses. If you’re like me, you must certainly have tried to find the best pillow for neck pain or neck arthritis. The main point for every side sleeper out there is that the pillow has to keep the natural curve of your neck. The golden rule of side sleeping is this: your ear, shoulder, and hips should be aligned, for a good position.

Well, a memory foam should do the trick for this one, but be careful, because I have one more trick for you. A good side sleeper knows that the true way of side sleeping consists of two pillows, one for your head and one for your knees, so the alignment is perfect. Try a memory foam pillow for your head and neck and see how it works out for yourself!

Well, you’ve got the know-how, all you need now are the materials! Enjoy your well-deserved shut-eye!

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