Is Sleeping on Left Side Bad For Your Heart? Myth or Fact

Side-sleeping today is considered one of the most useful and healthy positions of sleeping. But there are some big questions. “Which side is best to sleep on, left or right?” or “ How to sleep on your side properly”.

These questions, though important, are not crucial. Many claims have placed the left-side sleepers in a grey area: “Is sleeping on left side bad for your heart?”

The answer is: we don’t really know yet.

There has been little research on the matter and what we know is mostly from different opinions. What we can sum up from those opinions is the fact that people that are already having a heart problem may avoid sleeping on the left side, because it causes a big discomfort.

But there is another side to it. Most pregnant women are encouraged to sleep on the left side, rather than on their right side, for it is beneficial to the heart. Also, the doctors recommend sleeping on the left side for improving digestion and reducing heartburn.

So, to answer the title’s question: momentarily, it’s a myth.

Not because it can’t be true, but because most of the findings are pro-left side sleeping, not against it.

However, your sleep can be a problem for the heart, if not done properly. First, start with a sleeping routine. Make your body learn when it has to get up and when it’s time to sleep. Also, in the 21st century, the electronics may ease up your life, but they’re clearly not helping your sleeping schedule. The blue light that smartphones, laptops, and TVs emit get in the way of your melatonin-release process, the substance that regulates your circadian rhythm.

Another advice you should take into consideration, especially as a side-sleeper, is doing it the right way. The most important part of side-sleeping is your spine alignment. But that is correct only with the right pillow and mattress. Make sure you get a supportive mattress, that keeps your nose-neck-waist alignment in check. Also, get yourself a good memory foam pillow, that will fit your neck shape perfectly, thus allowing yourself to get the zzz’s you should!

Another thing that can cause problems for your heart is consuming alcohol just before sleeping. This way, you won’t get the right amount of sleep, feel more tired and in the long run, greatly deteriorate your heart.

So, before questioning on which side to sleep, question yourself this: Do you have the right sleep routine for your heart?

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