3 Tips for helping your relationship when sleep deprived

Is sleep deprivation damaging your relationship? We're here to help

There really is nothing worse than feeling shattered, and when it comes to your relationship, the effects of restless nights caused by snoring or stress can be absolutely disastrous. You only have to google 'sleep' and you'll find countless articles on the effects that sleep deprivation can have on a marriage, which includes interference with daily (and nightly) activities. Don't fret, because we've compiled our top 3 tips for saving your relationship from the perils of a bad night's kip.

  1. Make time to talk

When you're not getting enough sleep, it's easy to fall behind on communication, but that's a big mistake. If you want to resolve the issue, you need to make time to talk it out. Pick an hour when you're both less likely to be stressed, (preferably when you're not exhausted after a long day/sleepless night) and talk about the issue. This will get you both a step closer to sleeping soundly.

2. Pamper your partner

It's so much easier to drift off to sleep when you're feeling relaxed. Why not treat your partner to one of our https://time2sleep.co.uk/products/gel-eye-mask soothing gel eye masks? You could even run a hot bath for your spouse before bedtime. Whilst they lather up and relax, pop the gel mask in the microwave for 30 seconds for the ultimate in sleepy relaxation. You'll be talking sweetly and snoozing softly in no time.

3. Take it in turns to have a lie in

Sunday morning is the perfect day to snuggle up under the duvet and get a few extra hours, but for couples experiencing sleep problems, this isn't often a luxury either person gets to indulge in. Why not change that by taking it in turns to have a lie in? You could even use the time you're not sleeping to help each other out by doing chores or cooking up a romantic breakfast in bed for your spouse.

If you want to improve your relationship with a good night's sleep, take a look at our wide range of products, which are available at affordable prices and utilize the latest in sleep technology.

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