How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is constantly being linked to performance in the workplace. A lack of it can drastically hinder productivity, attention span and motivation, holding you back from making the most of your time in the office and furthering your career. What many successful businessmen and businesswomen have in common is their ability to get a full eight hours of sleep each night, leaving them well-rested and energized enough to take on an action-packed day of work. It can be difficult to wind down after being at work all day, so we've put together some suggestions for making the transition from day to night.


Know when to switch off

It can be tempting to keep working via email and messenger apps even when the workday ends. Logically, the more you work, the more successful you'll be, right? Unfortunately, over-stimulation can make it nearly impossible to get to sleep properly - making the following workday less productive. Leaving your work at the office and holding back from checking your work email at home is a simple but extremely effective way to get your body ready for sleep. By making the distinction between your house and your workplace, you remind your body that when you're home, it's time to relax. If you work too much after hours, your body doesn't know when to switch off!

Manage stress and save your teeth!

It's no secret that the workplace is sometimes a stressful place to be. This can often translate itself into the grinding of your teeth and jaw when asleep, making your night less restful and affecting your dental health. It's worth investing in a Dental Mouth Guard for grinding teeth, if you know that you're prone to this kind of thing, as it will discourage grinding and let you get on with an uninterrupted eight hours of relaxation.

Don't let a stuffed nose get in the way

The office can often be a breeding ground for illness, quickly spread around thanks to all the hand-shaking you have to do on a daily basis. A blocked nose can make it extremely difficult to drift off, so if you feel one coming on it might be a good idea to take action against it. A hot shower will provide all the steam you need to get rid of minor congestion, but if you find it's persistent, investing in a menthol nasal patch will clear your sinuses and allow you to dream of the day ahead.

Pamper yourself!

After a long day of hard work, you deserve a bit of indulgence! Run a hot shower or bath to let your body unwind and prepare itself for rest, using essential oils like lavender to encourage relaxation. Brewing a chamomile tea before bed is another natural way to induce sleepiness, while burning incense like sandalwood can help as well. Try reading a book or listening to some gentle music rather than looking at a screen, as the digital light can trick your brain into thinking it's still daytime.

Try these simple tips to get yourself into bed on time, and watch your productivity soar! Alternatively, take a look at 'How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time', a great book offering further research and guidance on the subject.

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