How can Night Owls Transform into Early Birds and Why Should They?

Have you ever heard of the Circadian Rhythm? This is the proper word for your ‘body clock’, and due to it, your body feels either more aware or more asleep, at different parts of the day.

Everyone has a Circadian Rhythm, but not everyone’s is the same, which is important to know when you try to go about changing it.

Some people fly out of bed at full speed at 06:00 am - these are early birds. Others will get a second wind of energy late at night, after 22:00 pm, and will stay up until the early hours - these are the night owls.

Can you switch from one to the other?

With a little work, it is possible to change. Perhaps you’re doing it out of necessity, such as a change of work shifts or routine. Perhaps you want to explore the productivity and health benefits of being awake for more daylight hours.

Whatever your need for change, you will need to remain focused and motivated.

Here are some great methods for changing from Night Owl to Early Bird.

How can Night Owls Transform into Early Birds and Why Should They

Set your alarm to go off early and make sure that you get up

For the first few days you’re going to feel more tired than usual, and even a little bit grumpy, but by getting up early, you will also feel tired enough to go to bed early. Your body and mind will begin to transition as long as you consistently wake up early and go to bed early.

Throw open those curtains and let the light in!

Well, that might not be so effective in winter if it’s still dark outside, so in that case, turn your lights on as soon as you wake up.

You’ve got to give your body the message that you are an early bird, and early birds love the light because it decreases their melatonin (which makes you sleepy). If you hit snooze, you’ve lost already!

Rearrange your schedule

Some of the things you’d usually do at night or in the early hours of the morning before sleep, you’re going to have to move to the early evening or the weekend. You’re going to need to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner earlier.

If you want to see your friends, you should do that earlier too. If you can, try and streamline your activities so that you can do them faster and more efficiently.

Continue being an early bird at the weekend

This is the news you’ve been dreading because you’ve probably read the previous points and thought ‘at least on Saturday I can snooze until 12’. Well, if you want this transition to be effective, seamless, and long-lasting, you need to say goodbye to weekend dozing.

You’ll have to get up at the same time as you do during the week so that your Circadian Rhythm learns the new way that it’s meant to perform. If you sleep in on Saturday, and again on Sunday, guess which dreaded morning is going to get a whole lot worse? Monday.

Do you think you’ve got the strength and willpower to make the transformation from night owl to early bird? Let us know!

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