Digital Sunset


The term Digital Sunset is becoming increasingly popular these days, and for good reason.

Our days are so jam-packed with duties, demands and data, that sometimes we forget that preparing our minds for a good night’s sleep is a vital part of putting our bodies to sleep.

Setting the sun on our use of technology before bed is integral to letting out minds (and eyes) truly rest. The combination of the blue light emitted from our devices affecting melatonin, together with the stimulation and engagement we have with content we are consuming - keep the wheels turning and our brains processing.

Our minds are wide awake, even though our bodies yearn to sleep.

The experts say, turn off your digital devices, keep them at just-out-of-reach distance (giving you that extra stretch in the morning when turning off your alarm) and close those weary eyes.

We highly recommend slipping on our soothing Time2Sleep Gel Eye Mask (link to product), to help keep those digital distractions at bay, and welcome those ZZZ’s with open arms.

So put your mind to rest, and let your body sleep.

Sweet Dreams – It’s Time2Sleep!

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