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Summer is finally here, meaning plenty of holidaymakers are gearing up to jet off somewhere exotic and unwind after a hectic year. As many are undoubtedly aware, however, going on holiday can be a paradoxically stressful time as visas, flights, passports, hotel bookings and packing can all amount to substantial chores. A little organization and foresight, however, can help make sure you stay calm and relaxed during your vacation. After all, you deserve it!

Top packing priority for a restful holiday: Earplugs

A good pair of earplugs are absolute holiday musts for those hoping to keep fully rested while away, particularly while travelling. Earplugs can block out the sounds of raucous partygoers in the evening, for example, or help keep your ears unblocked and pain-free during air travel. In this way, it is important to invest in a decent pair that will not let you down. The following five pairs are some of the best on the market:

Time2sleep Cylinder Wax Earplugs

Time2sleep are the true 'all-rounder' earplugs on the market, offering high-end hearing protection of up to 27db, amazing comfort and reusability for a wonderfully affordable price. Indeed, the product serves a broad spectrum of customer needs thanks to its ability to protect ears from even the loudest of noises such as concerts and building sites, its adaptable shape and its usefulness in other situation such as swimming and flying, where they can provide a protective seal against water and air pressure. The Time2sleep plugs should be every holidaymaker's go-to choice to tackle holiday-related issues such as noise annoyances while on a flight or in a busy hotel. What’s more, anyone who is not 100% delighted with their purchase can ask for a speedy replacement or refund. Now that’s customer service!

Where can I buy Time2sleep Ear Plugs?

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Mighty Plugs

Mighty plugs are good for blocking out very loud noises. They are good for long-term use and are great for a range of purposes. They are at the higher end of the price range out of the selection, however, and holidaymakers will not necessarily need the level of protection that these fantastically noise reducing plugs provide.

Where can I buy Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs?

 Alpine SleepSoft
These are excellent earplugs for sleeping, as their manufacturers emphasize the exceptionally soft and comfortable feel of their material. However, recent customer reviews of the product have suggested that snoring can still be heard through the plugs and, as they do not come cheap, holiday makers may be left disappointed.

Where can I buy Alpine SleepSoft Ear Plugs?

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Noise Reducing Hearing Protection by Quiet Park

These are good earplugs for flights, as they help to regulate the air pressure in your ears. Furthermore, they are reusable and can help holidaymakers block out disturbing noises while they’re trying to relax. At £16.50 for six pairs on Amazon, however, they do not come cheap, and may not offer the best value.


Where can I buy Quiet Park Ear Plugs?

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That Company Called If Earplug

Great for swimming and sleeping, these earplugs boast an innovative design and are known for being able to withstand wear and tear. If Amazon reviews are anything to go by, however, then the ability of these earplugs to block out noise is under question. They may provide more style than substance.

Where can I buy That Company Called If Earplug?

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