5 Ways to Relax and Sleep in the Frenzy of Finding the Perfect Christmas Gift

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the shopping frenzy. This period is dreadful for most of us, but we're here to help. We put together 5 ways to relax and get some good night sleep in the midst of this period! 

1. Listen to a podcast

Even though this may sound a bit strange, podcasts are really working for a big percent of the people that are suffering from insomnia. There are some podcasts that specially created for sleeping and there are others that are just meant to get you into a relaxing mood! Either way, you can try them and see if your sleep will get better. Ours certainly did!

  • 2. Do a quick workout

    Getting a quick exercise in the middle of the day or 3-4 hours before the sleep can do miracles for your nighttime sleep! Don’t push yourself, take it easy and your body will thank you lots for the attention that you give to it. When you get to bed, just put on your Gel Eye Mask and get those well-deserved zzz’s!

  • 3. Meditate

    There are lots of apps that will help you in this area, like The Mindfulness App or Calm. Full of different guides or how-to’s, they are a blessing for someone just getting into this kind of activities. Just click play, follow their bits of advice and be sure that you have no other activity!

    4. Spend time with your friends

    Now, that’s an easy task to do, right? You already hang out with your friends quite often, so why not do it as an opportunity to skip some of that time worrying about this busy period. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn some new things about them and reconsider your gifting ideas! If you’re in need of ideas, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just take a look at this article about 10 Christmas Gifts for people who love sleep!

    5. Skip the blue light for a few hours

    Maybe by now, you’ve gotten bored of hearing this advice, but it’s very important. Blue light (meaning the one from your laptop, TV or smartphone) is something that we deal with daily, and the problem is that we don’t know how to deal with it! It’s easy, just try to cut it out of your life 2 hours before you go to sleep. It’s that easy! Just go read that novel you forgot about, meditate a little or spend time with your family. It will do wonders.


    6. Invest in a better pillow

    Of course, finding time to relax and unwind in the frenzy of finding the best Christmas gift is essential, but what happens with the days in which you can't afford this luxury? Waking up with neck pains is one of the worst feelings ever, which is why we created the Time2Sleep Pillow. With the help of the ergonomically designed Time2sleep pillow, you will be able to find relief from those frustrating back and neck pains that are often caused by sleeping on your front. It’s curved edges help to avoid potentially painful and damaging positions and improve your breathing. You can find it in the Shop section of our website. 


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