5 Sleeping Tips if You Like Working at Night

Working at night is not the healthiest decision you can make, but with close to 3.5 million Britons and over 15 million Americans working the night shift, it looks like most of the times working a day shift is not an at hand alternative. Studies have shown that the lack of sleep can lead to health issues such as diabetes, gastrointestinal distress, metabolic disorders or heart disease.

But whether you have to work the night shifts because of your job, or you enjoy working late and find that you’re more productive during the night time, here are a few ways to keep yourself healthy while switching to the night shift schedule.

1. Maintain a consistent sleeping schedule

While you might need to adjust it due to other important activities or even interrupt it at times, it is important to maintain a consistent sleep pattern and go to bed and wake up at similar hours so your body can get the full benefits of the sleep and be ready for work when you wake up.

2. Drop down the curtains

If you decide working at nights is the best option for you, be careful you adjust your body to it as well. If you don't want your body to be in a consistent state of alert, make sure you get a pair of black blinds and drop them down in the morning to stop the sunlight from getting in. A cheaper and more effective alternative is to use a Gel Eye Mask that will help you kick back and relax. Also, don't forget the earplugs to keep all the daylight noise out and let your brain rest in proper silence.

3. Limit Caffeine

You might be tempted, while working at night, to drink a lot of coffee in order to maintain your focus and the state of alert, but make sure you stop drinking it with 3-4 hours before you actually go to bed so you’ll be able to fall asleep in the morning and keep your body and mind from getting exhausted.

4. Have a consistent “breakfast”

Instead of drinking coffee, try having a healthy and protein-based dinner/breakfast before you start working during the night to keep your blood sugar stable and keep you focused. Try to avoid sugar and refined foods and eat plenty of protein, nuts, fruits, and vegetables for snacks. Also, make sure you stay hydrated too!

5. Ask your friends and family to respect your schedule

Leaving the health issues aside, you have to keep in mind that working night shifts can also affect your social life and it can lead to an unbalanced lifestyle. However, if you find that this works for you, make sure you let your friends and family know about your schedule so they don’t call you in the middle of the day, disrupting your sleep. Not having a consistent sleep may lead to exhaustion and health issues you could really do without.

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