Not sure how to sleep with a stiff neck and shoulder? 3 Essential Tips Here

Don’t you just hate those pesky Mondays when you have to wake up early in the morning and start living your life again, after a relaxing weekend? Well, add to that a troublesome neck or that annoying shoulder and you’re all set for a disastrous week.

But you don’t want that. You want the best for your body, sleeping habit and yourself. Well, make sure to follow these 3 simple steps and say bye-bye to those disturbing pains and aches!

get off your phone

Phones - sleep’s worst enemy

You have to understand from the get-go that phones really don’t do you any good about sleeping. Of course, they’re marvelous inventions of humankind that eased up our life in an indescribable way, but they still have their downs.

It’s all physics! Your head is meant to be in alignment with your spine. When you stay in the correct position, only about 10-12 pounds of force are pressed upon your neck muscles.

Well, the problem comes when you tilt your head at 60 degrees, to look at your beloved phone. At that moment, the force that your neck muscles sustain is at about 60 pounds. That’s a lot more, to be honest.

Another big concern about phones is the blue light that they emit. We stressed you enough with this, but we just can’t help ourselves to mention it again.

That blue light affects the release of melatonin, the substance that regulates your circadian rhythm.

So, to make sure that the phone is not an obstacle in your adventure to the marvelous land called “Sleepania”, ditch it for at least one hour before bedtime! If you really can’t, at least try turning on the night mode, so your phone emits warm light, not blue light!

woman laying on bed

Stretch that pain out

A day in our modern age usually requires sitting down for hours. Even when we don’t have to work from a desk, we still prefer our entertainment from a couch, rather than going outside.

This can be a big problem for you and your sleeping habit if you don’t keep it under control.  But it’s not that hard, you know. Before sleep, try stretching your neck and shoulders a bit. A few gymnastic exercises will do wonders for your shoulder pain and you won’t have to worry about that worsening neck pain when lying down.

memory foam pillow

Pillows - a sleeper’s best friend

We’re all in a constant search for the best pillow for neck pain or the best pillow for shoulder pain. But it’s not hard. For your neck and shoulder, the right memory foam pillow will easily do the trick. Why? Because the memory foam will mold perfectly in the shape of your neck and your sleep will be better than ever!

You got the tips, now put the tricks in practice! Go catch those well-deserved zzz’s!


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