5 Tips to Control your Sleep during Holiday Season

Isn't the Holiday Season a blast? You get to spend time with your friends and relatives, eat lots of good food, listen to carols and watch Home Alone for the 30th time. But with so much stuff to do prior to the Holidays, when should you get your well-deserved and most-loved sleep?

Let's work this out together!

  • Plan ahead
  • It’s the same every year. You procrastinate for the whole month of November and some of December and poof, it’s Christmas Eve and you still need to do this, that and that. So why don’t you plan out your whole month? Put it on paper and force yourself to do everything beforehand, so you can laugh at your relatives that are struggling to find that perfect ham for the dinner party!

  • Share the workload
  • Now that you planned your period until Christmas ahead, why don’t you share all the chores? Get your children and grandchildren to help you prepare the food, let them clean their own rooms and go to the mall together with your siblings or friend, so you can both buy the best gifts and catch up on what was the either one of you up to over the last couple of days, months or years!

  • Don’t stop exercising
  • The Holiday Season looks like the perfect time to postpone your fitness training for the next year, and that’s where you get it wrong. Stopping your exercise routine may be tempting, but don’t do it. Keep on going, take it easy, don’t stress yourself, so your sleeping habit doesn’t get blown up by all those full days of activity with friends and family. See the workout as your alone time, it will help a lot!

  • Don’t overindulge in snacks and alcohol
  • If not now, then when? Yes, that’s a well-known mentality, but not the one we promote. Of course, you will feast with all those goodies like ham, mashed potatoes, yams, and cookies, but you have to be sure that you don’t exaggerate. Also, that eggnog is looking at you in a funny way? Time to stop! Get out there, have some fun, but don’t force it! Besides that, don’t forget to protect your teeth by wearing our Dental Mouth Guard in the night time!

  • Get outside, it works!
  • We saved the easiest (and most rewarding) part for the last. It’s winter, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you’re staying inside! Get outside, build a snowman with your grandchildren, take a walk with your friend or just breath in that fresh air. We also recommend winter sports if you’re up to it, but we have one piece of advice for you: be careful!

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