Sleeping Tips for the summer months

Summer is well and truly upon us!

Shorts, flip flops, and sunburns can be seen on the streets. The whirr of fans goes on through the hot nights. People get excited about day trips, barbecues, holidays, and family events. There’s so much to be happy about in the summer, especially if you love being outdoors, but what if your summer is being ruined by sleep troubles because of the extra heat and light?

We know that some people don’t sleep well in the summer (or any season for that matter), so here are some tips to help you get through it.

Find a dark place

In the peak of summer, it might not get dark until after 10:00 pm, and then it might get light again around 05:00 am. If your sleep is affected by light, which is very common because of the relationship between light and our circadian clock (body clock), then you’ll want to try and make your room as dark as possible.

Blackout curtains or blinds are a good start, and an eye mask can help too. 

Find a cool place

 This advice goes without saying if you’re struggling to sleep because of the heat of summer. If that’s the case, try:

  • keeping the curtains closed during the day
  • opening the windows and turning on a fan at night
  • sleeping closer to the ground because heat rises
  • investing in an air conditioner
  • using a damp towel (or frozen flannel) to cool off your body
  • spraying yourself with a cooling spray
  • taking a hot shower before sleeping (and leaving your hair wet)

sleeping tips

Try different fabrics

 This applies to both your pyjamas and your bedsheets. Remember that silk is the worst material for the summer months because it encourages heat.

 Cotton and especially Egyptian cotton are the best options for your sheets. Don’t rule out pyjamas that are made from a ‘wicking’ material that helps to tackle your summer sleep sweat.

Memory foam pillows help you keep cool at night

Temperature control pillows

There are some high-tech options for this category that mean you can always enjoy the cold side of the pillow, but we recommend simply buying one of Time2Sleep’s popular memory foam pillows with built-in temperature controls.

A cross breeze

Creating a cross breeze is very important if you are using an electric fan. Without the cross breeze, the fan is simply pushing the same hot air around the room. By opening a door and window, you can welcome cooler air and say goodbye to hot air.

Good luck! We hope these tips can help your summer slumber.

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