Everything You Need To Know About Sleeping on Right Side

Can there really be a big difference between sleeping on your left side and your right side?

Actually, as it turns out, there can, and not only are the differences huge, they can make enormous changes to your overall health and wellbeing. Here’s everything you need to know about sleeping on the right side.

Heartburn sufferers beware

Due to the way in which your organs move about depending on how you lay, the right side is actually the worst position to sleep in for acid reflux. Try sleeping on the left to tackle this issue.

Pregnant? Avoid the right

Pregnant women are frequently advised by their doctors to avoid sleeping on the right because it can cause blood flow issues that are not good for the mother or her baby.

Blood flow?

Yes, blood flow issues can ‘stem’ as a result of sleeping on the right, namely because it applies greater pressure to the vena cava than any other sleeping position. The vena cava is the body’s biggest vein, so it’s worth protecting.

Lymphatic, spleen, and heart

The list of health dangers that come from sleeping on the right continues to grow. The lymphatic system cleans our brain of small toxins, around 3lbs per year in fact! Laying on our left side helps them, laying on our right hinders them.

The spleen filters our blood, but since it is located on the left, gravity slows it down when we sleep on our right side. The same logic applies to the heart.

Digestion issues?

When we lay on our right, the large intestine is not being helped, meaning that digested food moves slower through the system, stopping the natural flow that helps you move waste.

Is there any good news to finish on?

Well, if you are a snorer, there is one piece of good news, sleeping on your side is better than sleeping on your back!

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