Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Feng shui is an art and a science derived from China thousands of years ago. When using feng shui correctly it can bring prosperity, wealth, joy and health to your life by balancing the yin and yang so chi can flow properly through your home.

How Does This Affect My Sleep?

We spend a third of our lives in the bedroom and sleep is the most important thing for rejuvenation and mental stability, so wouldn’t you want to make sure your bedroom was tailored for the most quality sleep for optimal health and abundance?

Here are some simple tips to feng shui your bedroom:

mirror in bedroom

1. Remove mirrors from the bedroom

This is particularly important if you can see the mirror from your bed. If you have a mirror in your bedroom which you can’t remove either cover it partially with material or have it out of sight when you’re sleeping.

In feng shui, mirrors can amplify the energy of the area, so if you sleep alone this can make you feel lonelier and bring more isolating energy into your life.

2. Declutter your room - but don’t move things under the bed!

You want to have an open space for energy to flow through the room, but what many of us do is hide things under the bed, which in feng shui is not advised.

Every object harbours a certain energy, so the energy from every object from under the bed can transfer to you, you can absorb that old energy.

If you are struggling for space, it is okay to store soft objects that you also don’t have much attachment to, such as duvets and pillows under the bed.

3. Position your bed correctly

There are basic rules in feng shui for bed positioning such as having your bed against a solid headboard, not having the bed align with the door and not having your bed underneath a window.

Another important factor that many overlook in feng shui is the direction in which your bed is facing. If you are able to, you can direct your bed to benefit you and your life the way you want.

Ideally, your bed should be facing either east or south for increasing health and prosperity. If your bed is facing west, this is best for slowing down and de-stressing. Therefore if you find yourself being stressed a lot of the time, sleeping west may be best for you.

Sleeping with your head facing north is considered the worst position to be sleeping in as this is considered the “dead man position”. This can have a negative impact on your health and increase the number of bad dreams you have.

However, in some cases it is best to have your bed facing in your lucky directions, which could be north. So if you have space to, try and experiment with your bed facing different ways to see which direction works best for you.

4. Keep the balance on both sides of the bed with the right nightstands

The bed should be easily accessible from both sides and one side shouldn’t be up against a wall. If you sleep next to your partner and one of you is sleeping on the side that is against the wall, they may subconsciously begin to feel trapped in the relationship the same way they are trapped on that side of the bed.

A good way to establish balance and security is by using bedside tables on both sides of the bed. Neat and attractive nightstands can improve your sleep immensely.

It’s suggested that you opt for a curved nightstand, that sits at the same level as your bed, over a square nightstand. The sharp edges found on many square nightstands commonly referred to as “poison arrows”, can bring negative energy into your life such as loss of health, job and money.

Keep your nightstands clear by placing objects such as water bottles and books in a draw to help declutter your mind while you are sleeping.

5. Lock in the energy of the room by closing the doors and windows

During sleep you want the chi to remain in the room. Energy from other rooms and outside coming in can disturb your sleep and put you more on edge. Where as if you keep your door closed at night, it can make you feel safer and more secure.

Therefore it’s best to open doors and windows during the day to bring fresh air in and remove stale air and close them during the night to contain the energy.

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