Does Drinking Wine Before Bed Really Make you Sleep Better?

It’s something we all have done before going to bed, especially on hard busy days: drinking a glass of wine to unwind before sleep. Although due to the properties of alcohol it may seem likely that drinking wine is favorable for a deep slumber, things may not be that good in practice. People do think that getting dizzy and having a restful sleep come together, but that is rarely true, as our bodies need time and proper conditions to recover themselves completely.

In the article below, you will find some more reasons for which you may reconsider drinking that glass of wine before bed.


First things first, wine disrupts the sleep cycle due to the high level of melatonin hormone that it contains, which is the hormone that controls our circadian rhythm. Drinking wine before bed delays the onset and shortens the restorative sleep your body needs. Moreover, it affects the deep sleep, which is one of the most important elements in restoration and diminishes the refreshing effect of it, which means that in the morning, it might take you way longer to put yourself together.\


    Another important aspect you should pay attention to is a headache you might be waking up with if drinking wine before going to bed. Some headaches are simply caused by drinking too much alcohol and not enough water, and in this case, they appear because of de dehydration, and some of them are caused by certain culprits such as tannins and histamines, found in red wine, or sugar, usually specific to white wine. However, this last case is less likely to happen than the first one, so the best advice you can take is to take care not to overdrink, especially before going to bed.


    Last but not least, it is known that alcohol is not recommended before sleeping because night trips to the bathroom might keep you awake more than you think. Furthermore, as we’ve already mentioned, drinking water is a must when having a glass or two of wine and that’s why it’s best for you that you drink it before 8 PM so that you won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom.


      All things considered, although it may seem that drinking wine before bed improves your sleep, before pouring a glass, you may want to pay attention to some effects, such as headaches, night walks to the bathroom and the restoration your brain needs to work properly next morning.


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