Your Mind and Sleep

Sometimes, when we’re trying to get to sleep our minds are our own worst enemies. You
know what it’s like, as soon as your head hits the pillow, thoughts and worries flood in,
maybe you start reliving a conversation with your children or you start planning your tasks for tomorrow. In recent months, worries about Covid-19 and the disruption to our normal routines have left many of us in a heightened state of anxiety, leading to an increase in sleep problems.

A vicious cycle

So, what is happening? Without all of the daytime chores to distract us, our minds can go into overdrive when we get into bed at night and this can prevent us from entering a state of peaceful relaxation that’s necessary for getting to sleep. After a while, we might start worrying about being tired the next day and this makes it even harder to go to sleep. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Calming your mind

Here are some things you can do to calm your racing mind.

Before you even get into bed, it’s good to have a relax routine and once in bed a sleep routine. If you’re prone to worrying at night, try writing things down earlier in the day and then say to yourself “that’s being dealt with” if the thought comes into your mind.

Remember the Old Wives’ Tale about counting sheep to get to sleep? Well, it turns to be true. Having a simple mental exercise like that can help to distract your mind from worrying so you can fall asleep. Choose something simple like counting or reciting a poem.

Practicing relaxation techniques can be helpful, too. See our blog about how Yoga and Qigong help with sleep.

For more great tips on getting a good night’s sleep browse our Blog categories: Live – for general lifestyle advice; Sleep – for specific information about sleeping and the conditions needed for good quality sleep; and Relax – for information to help you unwind and quieten your busy mind. Also check out our Product pages for tried and trusted products to help you sleep.

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