Tired of Being Tired?

If we have problems sleeping, we often blame stress or being overwhelmed. These are definitely common causes of insomnia but sometimes the reasons are simpler – we just don’t have the right sleeping environment or the right bedtime routine. Adi from Time2Sleep shares how changing these two things transformed her life.

You may have heard of the term ‘sleep hygiene’ referring to the quality, quantity and
regularity of your sleep, as well as how prone you are to sleep problems. As a mum with
young children, my sleep hygiene wasn’t always good, in fact it was terrible. I just crawled into bed at night feeling worn out. However, I was tired of complaining about being tired, so I decided to give my sleep top priority.

As all mums face similar challenges, I wanted to share my tips with you:

First of all, you need a cool, dark, quiet bedroom – give your sleeping environment an overhaul to set yourself up for quality sleep. Since I banished my mobile phone from the bedroom, sleep with the window open a fraction on warmer nights and now use blackout blinds, I sleep much deeper. Also, invest in your bedtime comfort – I recently invested in a high-quality mattress and pillows and it’s been worth every penny. I also ensure to regularly change my bed linen, as this alone can really make a difference to the way you feel when you get into bed. I don’t know about you, but I love that smell of freshly washed linen! Therefore, I’m generous with the fabric conditioner to retain that fresh smell for a few days longer and I always pay a little more for good quality brands. Many washing powder brands now do scents with lavender or
chamomile, both of which are renowned for relaxation.

Finally, I have my own bedtime routine – I love to wind down with a cup of herbal Bedtime tea an hour before bedtime, followed by a warm bath with a few drops of Valerian root & Rosemary Calming bath & shower Oil and my favourite calming scented candle. If you don’t have time for a bath, wash your face and décolletage and use high quality products that will make your skin feel and smell fresh. Just before I head to bed, I apply a calming body oil to my neckline.

I know how it is after a long day and the need for sleep overpowers the want to spend time preparing for bed. It really does make the difference though, so give it a try and let us know how your sleep improves after a week or two with a new routine.

As well as considering my sleep hygiene, I also made a few subtle changes to my lifestyle to help me sleep better. The result? I wake feeling more rested and all of this combined has had a knock-on effect to my energy levels throughout the day.

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