Natural Preparations that Can Help You Sleep

I’ve never been a fan of sleeping pills, although I appreciate that for some people in some circumstances they can be beneficial as a short-term relief from insomnia.

For me though, nature’s own sleep remedies are always my go-to choice if I’m having problems sleeping. There are a number of herbal remedies that can help you to feel calmer and may also induce sleepiness. Here are my top four natural first aid preparations to help
me come back to myself and rediscover a healthy sleeping pattern:

  • Herbal tea
    Herbal teas have been used as a natural remedy for all kinds of disorders for hundreds of years and now science is starting to provide the evidence for what people in the know have realised for generations. I love our range of herbal teas which not only taste delicious but also contain two of the top herbal preparations for counteracting sleep problems (chamomile and valerian root).
  • Chamomile
    This is known for its calming effect and was recently found to improve sleep quality and reduce symptoms of depression in a study involving 80 postpartum women.
  • Valerian Root
    This is one of the most popular natural supplements for managing insomnia and anxiety. Studies into its effectiveness are mixed but I have always found it to be very helpful and, best of all, it’s not addictive and doesn’t cause grogginess like sleeping pills. You can take it as a supplement as well as drinking it in herbal tea.
  • Hops
    Hops are the main ingredient of sleep pillows and have been used for generations to reduce anxiety and relieve restlessness and sleep problems. Often they are combined with valerian to increase effectiveness. I love the heady smell of hops and find myself starting to feel sleepy within minutes of putting my head on my sleep pillow.

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