Herbalism and Sleep

For generations our ancestors have known the powerful effect that certain types of herbs and flowers can have on the human body and mind. In our modern world, we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy the benefits of both worlds – conventional medicine that can treat us when we are sick and nature’s own store cupboard of herbal remedies which we can use proactively to improve our overall health and well being.

If you’re experiencing sleep problems, it can be helpful to know which herbs might be able to help. You will find many of these in our range of delicious herbal teas, which are an easy (and yummy) way to start using herbs. You’ll also find certain herbs in essential oils and organic skin creams and lotions. For a more targeted approach, talk to a herbalist who will be able to advise on specific remedies for you. Take extra care if you are pregnant and do not give herbs to young children without first seeking medical advice.


Too much of the stress hormone, cortisol, is often associated with disruption to our normal sleep patterns and there are a number of herbs and spices known for their calming effects and sleep-promoting properties that can help combat this.

Here are some of our favorite herbal heroes for sleep and relaxation, recommended by the team here at Time2Sleep:

  1. Chamomile – this beautifully scented flower is used to make an essential oil that is renowned for helping to calm the fight or flight response and for improving the quality of sleep. The antioxidant apigenin, which may help to calm anxiety and improve sleep, is found in chamomile flowers. It is a key ingredient in our delicious Peach Lemon tea.
  2. Lavender is renowned for relieving stress and enhancing sleep. Sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on your pillow or try a lavender-based bath oil. Our herbal teas contain lavender flowers to promote sleep.
  3. Valerian Root which has mildly sedative properties that can help promote relaxation and help you to sleep without feeling groggy the next day. It’s in our yummy Chocolate Brownie tea.
  4. Hop flowers which are another natural sedative that are used to reduce anxiety and promote restful sleep.

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