Good and Bad Sleeping Environments

What makes a good environment for sleeping and what makes a bad one?

Studies have shown that certain things in your bedroom make it more likely that you will have a restful night’s sleep, or not. Here are some dos and don’ts that could help to improve your sleep.


  • Keep your bedroom cool. Studies suggest that the optimum temperature for
    sleeping is 16-18 degrees. If the room is too hot you may not sleep well whereas if it is too cold you might find it difficult to fall asleep. Having the window slightly open can be helpful so that fresh air can circulate. Children need a warmer sleeping environment, however, and open windows can be a safety issue.
  • Make sure you have the right mattress. It will be difficult to get to sleep if your mattress is uncomfortable and you’re likely to wake up feeling stiff and achy. Choose a mattress that provides good levels of support for your weight and body type.
  • Create a calm, quiet space for relaxation and rest. Too much clutter or noise will play havoc with your sleep patterns. Clear clutter out of your bedroom. And if noise is a problem, try ear plugs.


  • Don’t have TVs, laptops or other types of technology in your bedroom. It’s important for it to be a sanctuary for rest and relaxation and not a place for answering emails or even watching films.
  • Don’t allow too much light into your bedroom as light is the body’s signal to wake up. Try blackout blinds or a sleep mask to improve sleep.

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